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Langenbeck Finger Saw – Autopsy Knife with 195mm Serrated Blade and Metal Handle


Langenbeck Finger Saw, a specialized autopsy knife designed for bone division and the removal of small bony processes. Featuring a 195mm serrated blade and a sturdy metal handle, this instrument is a crucial tool in the hands of surgeons seeking accuracy and control.

  1. Serrated Blade for Precision: The Langenbeck Finger Saw is equipped with a sharp serrated blade, ensuring precise bone division during amputation surgeries. The serrated edge prevents slipping from tissues, enhancing control and safety.
  2. Blunt Outer Edge for Safety: The outer edge of the blade is intentionally blunt to prevent damage to surrounding structures. This safety feature adds an extra layer of protection, ensuring the Langenbeck Finger Saw is gentle on tissues.
  3. Slender Profile for Visibility: With a slender profile, this Finger Saw allows surgeons to directly see the blade's position during procedures. Enhanced visibility contributes to accurate and controlled usage in surgical settings.
  4. Widely Used by Surgeons: Trusted by surgeons worldwide, the Langenbeck Finger Saw is recognized for its reliability and effectiveness in amputation surgeries, offering a blend of precision and safety.


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