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Semken Tissue Forceps -155mm

  • Semken Tissue (Thumb) Forceps, with a length of 155mm, are specialized forceps designed for holding and manipulating delicate tissues during medical procedures.
  • The forceps feature a wide, flat thumb grasp area, often serrated, providing a secure grip on tissues.
  • These forceps are particularly useful for tasks such as holding tissue materials like cotton and gauze during surgical procedures, changing dressings, or packing wounds.
  • The serrations on the thumb grasp area enhance the forceps' ability to securely hold and manipulate soft tissues without causing damage.
  • Semken Tissue Forceps are a valuable tool in various medical and surgical settings where precise handling of delicate tissues is required. The specific design and features may vary, but they are generally crafted to meet the demands of tissue manipulation while ensuring a firm and controlled grip.


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