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Spectrum Bowls and Basins for Patient Hygiene in 7 Vibrant Colors

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  • Elevate patient care and surgical readiness with our diverse range of bowls and basins, now available in seven vibrant colors. Essential for maintaining impeccable hygiene in surgical and patient rooms, our assortment ensures comprehensive coverage for diverse hygiene needs.

  • Crafted to meet rigorous hygiene standards, these bowls and basins serve as indispensable tools for various healthcare procedures. Their vibrant color options not only add a touch of brightness to the environment but also allow for easy identification and organization.

  • From routine patient care to specialized medical procedures, our collection provides the necessary tools to ensure optimal hygiene and patient comfort. Equipping each room with these versatile and colorful bowls and basins is essential for a well-prepared and patient-centric healthcare environment.

  • Choose from our high-quality, multi-colored range of bowls and basins to ensure every surgical or patient room is equipped with the essential admissions products for superior hygiene and patient care

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Color Family

N/A, Dusty Rose/Mauve, Turquoise, Gold, Blue, Mauve, Black, Aqua


75, 50, 30, 250, 100, 10


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