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Adson Dressing Forceps -120mm


Adson Dressing Forceps, measuring 120mm, are expertly designed surgical instruments crafted for holding and manipulating delicate tissues and dressing materials, such as cotton or gauze, during various medical procedures, including post-mortem dissections. With an extra broad ribbed grip, these forceps provide excellent control and handling. Adson forceps feature fine saw-like toothed tips at the end, allowing surgeons to handle dense tissues and skin closures with ease. They are non-locking forceps utilized to hold tissues and objects or provide hemostasis in medical settings.

Key Features:

  1. Precision Delicate Tissue Manipulation: Adson Dressing Forceps are designed for precise holding and manipulation of delicate tissues during various medical procedures.
  2. Optimal Length (120mm): Measuring 120mm, these forceps offer optimal control and maneuverability for surgeons in diverse medical settings.
  3. Extra Broad Ribbed Grip: The forceps feature an extra broad ribbed grip, providing surgeons with excellent control and handling during procedures.
  4. Fine Saw-Like Toothed Tips: The fine saw-like toothed tips at the end of the forceps enable easy handling of dense tissues and skin closures.


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