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Carrel Haemostatic Forcep 85mm

Carrel Haemostatic Forcep in 85mm size is a specialized surgical instrument designed to provide surgeons across various fields with precise control over blood vessels and soft tissues. With its inner serrated jaws, straight shaft, and ergonomic finger rings, this forcep enables surgeons to grasp, manipulate, and clamp structures with accuracy and efficiency, facilitating optimal surgical outcomes.

Key Features:

  1. Inner Serrated Jaws: Equipped with inner serrations, the jaws of the Carrel Haemostatic Forcep promote the atraumatic clamping of blood vessels and soft tissues. These serrations ensure a secure grip while minimizing tissue damage, allowing surgeons to effectively control blood flow without causing unnecessary trauma to surrounding structures.
  2. Straight Shaft: The forcep features a straight shaft design, enhancing surgical precision during vascular and tissue manipulation. This straight configuration provides surgeons with the stability and control necessary to navigate delicate anatomical structures with ease
  3. Ergonomic Finger Rings: Designed with ergonomic finger rings, the Carrel Haemostatic Forcep ensures optimal handling and comfort for the surgeon.

Forcep is commonly utilized in various surgical specialities, including vascular surgery, general surgery, and plastic surgery. Surgeons rely on this instrument to grasp, manipulate, and clamp blood vessels and tissues during procedures such as vessel ligation, tissue dissection, and microsurgical interventions


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