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Pean Forceps – 3 Sizes Jaws

Surgical precision and efficiency with our Pean Forceps, specially designed for clamping larger tissues and vessels to achieve hemostasis. Featuring full, horizontally serrated jaws and available in multiple lengths (195mm, 220mm, and 230mm), these forceps offer versatility and reliability in various surgical procedures.

Key Features:

  • Strongly Curved Design: The strongly curved configuration of our forceps facilitates optimal access and maneuverability in surgical sites, ensuring precise clamping of tissues and vessels.
  • Dense Serrations: With densely serrated jaws, our forceps provide a secure grip on tissues and vessels, minimizing slippage and enhancing hemostasis during procedures.
  • Multiple Length Options: Choose from lengths of 195mm, 220mm, and 230mm to suit different surgical needs and preferences, accommodating various anatomical structures and surgical approaches.
  • Curved or Straight Variants: Available in both curved and straight configurations, our forceps offer flexibility and versatility to meet the specific requirements of different surgical procedures and preferences.

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195mm, 220mm, 230mm


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