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Crafoord Artery Forcep – 245mm

Crafoord Artery Forcep in 245mm size is a specialized surgical tool designed to facilitate the manipulation of blood vessels, enabling surgeons to clamp their lumens and control blood flow with precision. With its inner serrations, versatile lengths, and self-retaining ratchet system, this forcep provides surgeons with the control and stability needed to achieve optimal hemostasis in various surgical procedures.

Key Features:

  1. Inner Serrations: Equipped with inner serrations on the jaws, the Crafoord Artery Forcep ensures an excellent grip on blood vessels. These serrations allow for secure clamping while minimizing trauma to the vessel walls, contributing to effective hemostasis without causing unnecessary tissue damage.
  2. Versatile Lengths: Available in a 245mm size, this force is suitable for a wide range of surgical applications. Whether operating in deep or superficial surgical sites, surgeons can choose the appropriate length to suit their specific needs, enhancing flexibility and adaptability in various procedures.
  3. Ratchet System: The Crafoord Artery Forcep features a self-retaining ratchet system, enabling surgeons to maintain consistent clamping pressure on the vessel without continuous manual effort. This ensures reliable hemostasis while allowing surgeons to focus on other aspects of the procedure, improving overall surgical efficiency.

The Crafoord Artery Forcep is widely utilized across different surgical specialties, including cardiovascular, general, and vascular surgery. Surgeons rely on this instrument to achieve precise control over blood vessels, facilitating hemostasis and ensuring optimal patient outcomes.


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