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Baby-Mosquito (Hartmann) Haemostatic Forceps-100mm

Baby-Mosquito (Hartmann) Haemostatic Forceps, available in 100mm size, are essential tools for surgeons performing delicate procedures requiring precise hemostasis. Featuring serrated jaws and offered in both straight and curved shapes, these forceps provide surgeons with versatile options for achieving effective tissue control and manipulation.

Key Features:

  1. Serrated Jaws: The forceps are equipped with serrated jaws designed to securely grip tissues and blood vessels, facilitating efficient hemostasis. The serrations enhance the forceps' ability to grasp and hold onto delicate tissues without slippage, ensuring optimal control during surgical procedures.
  2. Versatile Shapes: Available in both straight and curved shapes, the Baby-Mosquito (Hartmann) Haemostatic Forceps offer versatility to accommodate various surgical approaches and anatomical considerations.
  3. Surgeons can select the appropriate shape based on the specific requirements of the procedure, enabling precise tissue manipulation in diverse surgical settings.


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