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Kuehne Micro Dissecting Forceps- Size 105mm

  • Tip Design: Thin, Flat, Angled, Bill-Like
  • Purpose: Recommended for picking up slides and cover glass
  • Special Feature: Unique tip design for easy slipping of fine glass
  • Variation: Available in an angled version for enhanced flexibility
  • The Kuehne Micro Dissecting Forceps, with a length of 105mm, are meticulously designed for specific laboratory tasks, particularly the delicate handling of slides and cover glass. The forceps feature a unique tip design characterized by being thin, flat, angled, and bill-like. This distinctive configuration allows for the easy and precise picking up of fine glass materials.
  • The thin, flat, and angled tip ensures that the forceps can delicately grip slides and cover glass without causing damage. The bill-like shape facilitates the slipping of the fine glass onto the tip with ease. This is especially crucial in laboratory settings where precision and care are paramount.
  • For added flexibility, the Kuehne Micro Dissecting Forceps are available in an angled version. The angled design enhances the maneuverability of the forceps, enabling users to approach and handle materials from different angles and positions.
  • These forceps are an invaluable tool in laboratories where intricate work involving slides and cover glass is a routine part of scientific and research procedures. Their specialized design makes them well-suited for tasks that demand precision and finesse.


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