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Lucae Ear Forceps – 140mm


Ear Forceps, measuring 140mm in length, are specialized bayonet-shaped forceps designed to assist ear doctors in the precise placement of aural gauze and the delivery of medications into the external auditory canal. These forceps play a crucial role in fine ear surgeries, aiding doctors in tasks such as placing medication packs and removing foreign bodies from the ear canal.

Key Features:

  1. Bayonet Shafts for Optimal Visualization: The forceps feature bayonet-shaped shafts, providing optimal visualization during delicate procedures in the ear canal.
  2. Flat Handles for Enhanced Dexterity: Designed with flat handles, these forceps offer enhanced dexterity, allowing doctors precise control during aural procedures.
  3. Serrated 1x2 Teeth for Non-Slip Grasps: The forceps are equipped with serrated 1x2 teeth in the jaws, providing a non-slip grip for efficient and swift packing of aural gauze and secure holding of foreign bodies during delicate movements.


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