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McIndoe Dissecting Forcep -150mm


McIndoe Dissecting Forcep, with a length of 150mm, is a specialized surgical instrument crafted for the precise manipulation of delicate tissues in hard-to-reach places. The narrow blades of the forcep are designed to grasp and manipulate delicate tissues with ease, making it commonly used in ophthalmic, plastic, and maxillofacial surgeries where accessing deep tissues is crucial.

Key Features:

  1. Specialized for Delicate Tissue Manipulation: The McIndoe Dissecting Forcep is specifically designed for the manipulation of delicate tissues in hard-to-reach places, providing surgeons with precision in various surgical interventions.
  2. Optimal Length (150mm): Measuring 150mm, the forcep offers optimal control and maneuverability, making it suitable for a range of surgical applications.
  3. Extremely Thin Jaws for Deep Tissue Access: The forcep features extremely thin jaws, facilitating deep tissue access and manipulation in challenging anatomical areas.
  4. Serrations and Teeth for Secure Grip: With serrations and teeth, the forcep ensures a secure grip on delicate tissues, enhancing the precision and success of surgical procedures.
  5. Spring Handle for Superior Control: The spring handle design of the forcep provides surgeons with superior control during delicate tissue manipulation, contributing to the overall success of surgeries.


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