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Micro-Adson Dissecting Forcep – 120mm


Micro-Adson Dissecting Forcep, measuring 120mm, is a specialized instrument meticulously crafted for the precise grasping of very fine tissues and the manipulation of delicate organs during surgical procedures. Commonly used in ophthalmic and ENT surgeries, as well as cardiovascular procedures, this forcep is designed to offer superior control and access in delicate surgical interventions.

Key Features:

  1. Specialized for Delicate Tissue Manipulation: The Micro-Adson Dissecting Forcep is crafted as a specialized instrument to grasp very fine tissues and manipulate delicate organs during surgical procedures.
  2. Optimal Length (120mm): Measuring 120mm, the forcep offers optimal control and maneuverability, making it suitable for a variety of surgical applications.
  3. Narrow Jaws for Better Access: The forcep is designed with narrow jaws, enhancing access to intricate areas during surgical interventions.
  4. Serrated Tips for Secure Grip: Featuring serrated tips, the forcep ensures a secure grip on delicate tissues, contributing to the precision and success of surgical procedures.


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