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Precision Surgical Forcep for Hemostasis

Precision and control in surgical procedures with our Rochester-Carmalt Artery Forcep. Engineered to meet the demands of surgeons across various specialties, this specialized device ensures efficient manipulation of blood vessels, precise clamping of their lumen, and effective control over blood flow to achieve optimal hemostasis.

Key Features:

  • Grid Pattern Surfaces: Designed with grid pattern surfaces, our forcep provides an exceptional grip, allowing surgeons to securely grasp and manipulate blood vessels with confidence.
  • Versatile Jaw Options: Choose from tapered curved jaws (available in 160mm and 200mm lengths) and straight jaws (160mm and 200mm) to accommodate different surgical needs and ensure access to narrow anatomical spaces.
  • Ratchet System: Equipped with a ratchet system, our forcep enables self-retaining clamping, minimizing hand fatigue and allowing surgeons to maintain consistent pressure on the vessel lumen for sustained hemostasis.

Enhance surgical outcomes and streamline procedures with the precision and reliability of our Rochester-Carmalt Artery Forcep. Trust in its superior design and functionality to elevate your surgical practice to new heights of excellence.


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